Maku Free Zones

Date:28 December 2014

Deputies and Consultants of High Council Secretariat Visit Maku Airport and Touristic areas.

Deputies and Consultants of High Council Secretariat Visit Maku Airport and Touristic areas.


On the first day of their visit to Maku free zone, deputies and consultants of high council secretariat of free and special economic zones, visited under construction projects, including Maku airport and tourist areas of the region.

According to Maku free zone’s website, in this trip members of the council visited Baroon Dam, eleven-hectare transit terminal in Bazergan border, natural sceneries and touristic areas of Boralan and Cheshmeh Sorayya.

Baroon Dam provides Maku, Showt and Poldasht cities with drinking and agricultural water. This dam, located south of Maku, is capable of supplying water for 15000 hectares of farming lands of the zone.

Cheshmeh Sorayya touristic area is located in the Northern part of Iran between Iran and Turkey border in Maku city. Cheshmeh Sorayya is a spectacular fountain with a very clear water which can also be a boating place. Ararat mount can be seen from this region and scenery of the mountains and spring has endowed a splendid beauty to this area.

Visiting under construction airport of Maku free zone was this council's another program. Maku Airport is one of the most important under construction projects in this area which is being built on an area of over 500 hectares. Construction of this airport which is one of the main infrastructures of the area continues with 70 percent progress in runaway area and according to this project’s engineers it will be operational until May next year.

It should be noted that a meeting will take place on Saturday 27 December with the presence of Secretary of the Council, Akbar Torkan and deputies of High Council in this region.

Torkan also will visit Bazargan border customs, market, and under construction airport of Maku.