Maku Free Zones

Date:21 January 2018

Maku Free Zone Airport on the verge of the official opening

The promising flight of Prudence and Hope from Maku Airport

Maku Free Zone, as the youngest and at the same time the largest free zone of the country, is witnessing the emergence of government's promising hope of building the airport alongside other government achievements in facilitating trade and development. This zone is one of the seven free zones of the country which has become a model for the resistance economy, and in terms of the geographical range corresponds to the cities of Maku, Showt, Poldasht and the border town of Bazargan. The air transportation system is one of the most basic elements of the trade and tourism industry, which plays a key role in the country's economic development. Reducing shipping costs and, consequently, reducing the cost of supplying commodities to consumer markets has a major role in competition and the expansion of other sectors of the economy, including industry, and ultimately the national economy. Economic thinkers in the world believe that if developing countries do not pay much attention to the air transport industry in 21st century, the growth and development of these countries will be minimized. Given the climatic and geographical conditions of Maku Free Zone, the role of this industry in the comprehensive development of this region can be easily explained.

Managing director of the Maku Free Zone Organization, referring to the completion of the construction operations of Maku Airport, said: "This airport covers Nakhchivan and Turkey's border cities with Iran so that nationals of these countries can travel to Iran and from Iran to their own country through this airport.

He added; Construction of airport was begun in June 2014 and is considered an economic development in the post-sanctions period.

The airport's equipment has international standards that have been installed in Iran for the first time in accordance with the latest technology in the world, he stated.

 Maku Airport has been constructed on an area of 400 hectares, with a flight area of 200 hectares and a runway of 3270 meters. The airport has been designed for Airbus A320 aircraft with eight thousand square meters of main terminal and 800 square meters of ceremonial parlor, with a tower of 32 meters height and side structures such as fire and meteorological stations and the protection and police station. All equipment of this airport has been purchased in full safety at a cost of over 200 billion Rials from Europe and meet international standards. So far, over one thousand billion Rials have been spent on the airport out of the revenues of Maku Free Zone Organization; The CEO of Maku free zone organization added.


Access to global markets by the construction of cargo terminals in Maku Free Zone airport

Frouzan referred to the construction of cargo terminal at Maku airport and said: “The terminal will be used for the transportation of goods from this terminal, and by opening of the terminal we will witness an improvement in the growing trend of trade exchanges.”

Managing director of Maku Free Zone Organization also said that the first phase of this terminal is expected to cost 30 billion Rials and the implementation of this project is a strategy for the development of trans-boundary trade.


Maku Free Zone Airport will have been internationalized by 2019.

He added: Currently, 4 round flights per week with a capacity of 110 people in each flight are conducted, but in the future it can be increased by flying to Mashhad, Kish, Orumiyeh etc.

Referring to the zone’s need for international flights, he said, "We want to establish foreign flights to the destinations of Turkey, Iraq, Hamburg etc. from Maku Free Zone airport next year."

Maku Free Zone includes the cities of Maku, Showt and Poldasht, and covers 5,000 kilometers. This zone is located on the borders of Turkey and autonomous republic of Nakhchivan.

Maku airport was launched last year and completing the main terminal and other side structures, will be inaugurated officially by national authorities in the current year.