Maku Free Zones

Date:28 January 2019

Maku Free Zone Sparkles On the Eve of the 40th Anniversary of the Islamic Republic Revolution

Maku Free Zone and the Bazargan Border have always been of great importance as a trading gateway with Europe. The expansion of trade relations between Iran and Europe and high volume commodity exchange with European countries have made Bazargan border in the past forty years become one of the most dynamic land borders of the country.

The presence of this feature along with other characteristics of the city of Maku, such as the proximity to the industrial hub of Tabriz, proximity to the Caucasus countries, etc., have made Maku a successful free zone.

In recent years and during the government of Prudence and Hope, special efforts have been made to develop urban infrastructure, build shopping malls, expand roads, create a park and exhibition, create logistics infrastructure including the construction of an airport terminal in this zone and now it is shining with its brilliant economy in the northwest of the country.

Maku Free Zone Organization aims to create jobs, attract foreign investors and establish sustainable development.

Managing director of Maku Free Zone Organization said that the government and all authorities have specially focused on the development of the country and especially the border areas. By using the potentials of these areas, including the official borders of Bazargan and Poldasht, as well as having unique blessings such as abundant water and fertile soil and natural and historical beauties for attracting tourists, the possibility of growth and further development of this area is provided.

Gholamreza Soleimani added: The abundant reservoirs of water due to the presence of Aras River, dams and the geopolitical and geographical location of Maku Free Zone have long enjoyed a special status, which by investments in this zone and the proper use of these capacities, a prosperous future for Maku Free Zone can be imagined.

Referring that the region has provided significant opportunities for domestic and foreign investors, Soleimani, Managing director of Maku free zone organization continued: 18 strategies, 41 operational objectives and 239 operational programs for sustainable development and for the expansion of regional and international cooperation, promoting bilateral ties with global economy, developing transit and trade, creating non-oil export corridor, and Asian-Europian re-export chain, have been developed which shines as a brilliant mark in the report of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Referring to the fact that, thanks to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Maku free zone is considered as a destination for tourists, he said: In order to achieve sustainable development, all construction projects in Maku Free Zone will have been finished by 2020.