Maku Free Zones

Date:16 February 2019

Maku Free Zone Holds the Capacity of Transferring Foreign Tourists to Iran

Sezgin Baghcheh Kapli, International Director General of the largest Turkish travel agent in Turkey, attending the pavilion of Maku Free Zone Organization at the International Tourism Exhibition of Tehran, emphasized the necessity of utilizing the capacity of Maku Free Zone regarding the joint tourism of Iran and Turkey, and said: because there are no flights from Tehran and Tabriz to Trabzon, then Maku airport can handle the two countries’ tourist shipment.

He noted that by signing a memorandum of understanding between Maku Free Zone and Trabzon, Maku could turn into the center for the arrival and departure of tourists from Iran to Trabzon and vice versa.

The 12th Iranian Tourism Fair was held on Tuesday with the participation of 12 countries including Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.