Maku Free Zones

Date:18 November 2014

Ambassadors of foreign countries to visit Maku Free Zone

Secretary of Ministry of foreign affairs representation in West Azerbaijan said: In coordination with representation office of Ministry of foreign affairs, a tour of foreign countries' ambassadors residing in Tehran will be organized to visit the capital of province and especially Maku Free Zone.

According to Maku Free Zone's website quoting the Tasnim News, "Mohammad Ebrahimi" referring to actions taken for foreign investors attraction stated that: In this respect, Iranian investors residing overseas and investors of countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan and Arabic countries are invited to visit Maku Free Zone.

"In this regard, there have been some negotiations and agreements about investment and the investors have declared their presence in the zone. Most of the investments are about Stone Industry, Tourism and the Industries related to agriculture and construction."  Chairman of representation of Ministry of foreign affairs added.

Ebrahimi also stated that some very good actions have been taken in this field although Maku Free Zone has just been established and is the youngest of all free zones in Iran. Nevertheless, we have some good plans for the zone like the ambassadors visiting tour to Maku Free Zone.

He, referring to the time of the tour, said: In this respect, we are waiting for the arrangements to be made by Maku Free Zone. So as soon as the Zone is ready, we will arrange the ambassadors' visiting plans in groups of 4 or 5 which will be once a month or once in two months considering the climate conditions and different occasions. In addition, the investment packages are to be given to the investors as well.