Maku Free Zones

Date:29 September 2015

Ukrainian Investors Ready to Enter Maku Free Zone

By facilitating the provision of services to investors, a tsunami of foreign companies’ requests for investment has started in Maku Free Zone.

Ebrahim Jalili in a meeting with Ukrainian investors, Maku free zone organization’s managers and Iranian investors in Petrochemical Pardis of Azerbaijan explained the advantages and potentials of Maku Free Zone and said: According to designed plans and the government support, Maku free zone will soon become an industrial hub in the country.

He also said: Pardis Petrochemical Complex in Azerbaijan, considering the scientific and logical justification of plan, is one of the projects that will be certainly supported by Maku Free Zone Organization.

In this meeting Ukrainian representative of OSTCHEM Company by expressing his satisfaction of taken measurements in Maku free zone and appreciating holding such a joint meeting with the managers of the organization, said:  OSTCHEM Company has founded several factories in Ukraine in the fields of organic chemistry and is planning to invest in Azerbaijan's Petrochemical Pardis.

Following this meeting, the board studied trade and economic potentials of Maku free zone and visited under-construction airport and historical monuments.

According to this report, investment request of the Ukrainians will be examined in investment commission and in case of approval; the necessary licenses will be issued