Maku Free Zones

Date:11 December 2016

Froozan Calls for Erzurum, Bazergan and Tabriz Railway Junction

CEO of Maku Free Zone Organization, by presenting a report on undertaken activities in the zone to the president of Islamic Republic of Iran, called for a railway connection of Erzurum - Bazergan - Tabriz.

According to Public Relations and International Affairs, Hossein Froozan, CEO of Maku Free Zone, in an annual meeting with the president by presenting a report on the process of regional activities in the fields of export promotion, customs and transit, infrastructure, investment, production and culture, asked for two main demands of Maku Free Zone Organization namely, integration of investment management and launching Erzurum, Bazergan and Tabriz Railway.

He explained that, the issue of lack of integrated investment management has caused many problems such as administrative bureaucracy, undesirable administrative procedures especially outside of the zone on allocation of gas and electricity which in turn causes desperation and unwillingness among investors to invest.

He also raised the issue of establishment of Erzurum, Bazergan and Tabriz Railway referring to the accomplished agreement between the presidents of Iran and Turkey and asked the president to issue appropriate orders in this regard.