Maku Free Zones

Date:16 May 2018

Synergy and Public Participation can be Transformative for the Development of Maku Free Zone

Managing director of Maku Free Zone Organization, in a meeting with the secretaries of parties and reformers, said: "To overcome the problems and ups and downs of Maku free zone, we need a synergy and cooperation with all the people and the political parties of the region."

Soleimani, referring to the necessity of paying attention to sustainable development, said: Sustainable development depends on people's participation and foresight in the development process.

Pointing out that all the government's efforts are on the path of development, he added: "Development based on obeying rules is the priority of the government in the free zones."

Soleimani emphasized the importance of citizenship rights and said: "We are obliged to transparently provide information about all the measures, costs and activities to the public and investors. CEO of Maku free zone organization continued: Given the conditions of border exchanges, Maku Free Zone can be turned into the transit logistics center and has the capacity to do so.

Soleimani, referring to the peaceful cooperation between Iran and Turkey in Maku Free Zone, said: "By inviting the Turkish side and implementing joint projects, regarding cheap labor and energy in the region, we can move in line with the slogan of the year." He called for the deepening of bilateral cooperation in the field of clothing, and added that the Turks welcome joint projects with Iran, particularly clothe production in Iran.

Soleimani considered cheap energy, tax breaks, logistics hubs, cheap labor and easy access to Black Sea countries, among the advantages of Maku Free Zone.