Maku Free Zones

Date:23 June 2018

Maku Free Zone, the Most Convenient Way to Connect to Europe

Managing director of Maku Free Zone Organization said: Transit route of Maku Free Zone is the most efficient and fastest way to connect to Europe and Central Asia.         

Managing Director of Maku Free Zone organization in a meeting with the Iraqi Kurdistan Trade Board during a special panel of opportunities for joint investment of neighboring countries in Maku free zone, describing transit, agricultural, mineral and tourism capacities of the zone said: The transit route of Maku Free Zone is the most efficient and fastest way of connecting Central Asia to Europe that is 20 days shorter than other transit routes.

Gholamreza Soleimani added that there is no better way than Maku Free Zone for the connection of Iraqi Kurdistan region with Europe and Central Asia.

Pointing out that the capacities and special privileges of Maku Free Zone could become an opportunity for business people in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Soleimani added: In order to accelerate the investment process in Maku free zone, the organization has been prepared to register investors companies within 3 hours.

Referring to the fact that banks and insurance companies do not have the necessary preparations for international measures, he said: "For the prosperity of investors, we are looking for international insurers and banks in Maku Free Zone.

Sheikh Mostafa Abdul Rahman, chairman of the Iraqi Kurdistan Exporters and Importers Union, said: "The Iraqi Kurdistan Region has close ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of export and import, and is determined to increase these relations among the Kurdish companies in Iraq and Iran.

He said: Iraq is always the first trading partner of Iran and has the most diverse export and import with Iran.