Maku Free Zones

Date:04 February 2019

E-businesses Develop in Maku Free Zone

Development of e-businesses and job creation in the field of ICT depend on the development of communication infrastructure, Qasim Jalilinezhad, Director General of Information and Communication Technologies of West Azerbaijan said.

Qasim Jalilinezhad emphasized on the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding, adding that the purpose of the operation is development of E-business and sustainable employment in the field of ICT and the development of communications infrastructure in Maku Free Zone, which we will try the best to address this issue.

Referring to the sixth plan of development and the preplanned policies of the Ministry, he said: Developing the infrastructure of Maku free zone in order to make the zone smart, and considering the establishment of a data center of the country in Maku Free Zone, are among the priorities of the ICT in West Azerbaijan province.

He considered information technology as the driving engine for other sectors and added: Privatization and attracting investors to support indigenous companies and ICT activists are an important and influential step in activating this area and creating employment in the province.

Director General of ICT in West Azerbaijan announced tactical agreement with the creation of Data Center hub in Maku Free Zone and said: At the recent visit of the Minister of Communications to the province, the tacit agreement was made to create a data center with the deployment of more than 3,000 racks in Maku Free Zone.

Jalilinezhad added that talks have been launched with the Chinese delegation present in the province, on investment in Maku Free Zone.