Maku Free Zones

Date:12 February 2019

Tourism and Ecotourism, a Major Field of Development in Maku Free Zone

Managing director of Maku Free Zone Organization said: Tourism and ecotourism is the pivot of development in Maku free zone, and we aim to attract 50 thousand tourists this year.

Gholamreza Soleimani said that preparing and providing the necessary infrastructure for attracting investors is among the tourism industry development and said: "In this regard, the construction of hotels, complexes and welfare centers, recreation centers, etc.     are included in our ongoing projects and two 5-star hotels in the zone have been licensed.

Referring to the construction of another 5-star hotel in Maku free zone by modeling the old caravansaries, Abbasi Caravanserai, Soleimani added: The hotel project has been started by the Deputy of Culture, Tourism and Creative Industries of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones.

He continued: "We also have held Makugram conference in order to identify and develop tourism in the zone. We invited the activists of this field to participate at this conference and three target villages of ecotourism were introduced to these activists. Regarding this project 10 villages have been introduced as ecotourism destinations.