This unit is the executor of regulations regarding imports, exports and customs affairs in free zones and has launched its activity back in year 2012 in order to back the organization reach its aims and help the zone grow and ease the development of economic activists following the international rules and principles. To improve its services, this unit embarked on simplifying the processes of passenger affairs, importing cars, temporary import for manufacturing, re-exporting and VAT exemption.
Thanks to the planning in Customs and Transit section, to present proper services and to make Maku free zone an advanced trade point based on modern technologies, this organization has started to prepare the comprehensive trade development plan in the largest custom of the country (common border with Turkey) the first phase of which has been exploited as the Exports Terminal. For this purpose, the organization has started to offer services by obtaining an exclusive code (30209) from Customs of IR of Iran which links the organization to the Comprehensive System of Customs Affairs.


  • Importing trade goods via Maku free zone to the main land
  • Importing passenger-carried goods
  • Importing cars
  • Temporary import for manufacturing
  • Exporting
  • Re-exporting
  • VAT Exemption
  • Other services (issuing variety of warehouse bills and so on.)
Exports Terminal

Encompassing an area of 120,000 square meters, this complex is equipped with office department, healthcare unit, welfare
weighing scale, loading and unloading facilities, 16000 square meters of covered warehouse and 2000 square meters of hangar
warehouse equipped with fire extinguishers, super advanced
CC cameras (with no blind spots) and central power generator capable of connection the electricity within 10 seconds in black out and also 12 automated light towers, is serving the applicants day and night.
Specifications: Fence: Fencing is done using the concrete panels of 2.30 meters high plus a barbed fence of 90 Cm high on it.
Entrance door: Metal doors of 3*7.40 meter dimensions, wheeled and remotely controlled by the customs guard.
Warehouse doors: Doublet railed metal doors with an approximate weight of 500 Kg.s which can be locked and sealed easily.
Loading and unloading equipment:
3-ton Toyota lift truck = 2 devices
5-ton Toyota lift truck = 5 devices
30-ton Grove crane = 1 device