Industrial Zones

Industry in Maku Free Zone

There are currently 75 industrial units in Maku Free Zone which are located in 4 industrial Parks in the zone. These units include clothing, artificial teeth, electric furnaces, PVC profiles, etc.
Considering the existence of decorative and constructional stone mines in this area, the establishment of modern stone units is highly justified. Several large-scale units are currently operating in the zone. Due to the rich limestone, cement resources, lime and cement factories will not face any trouble in terms of supplying the factory with raw material.
Therefore, a huge cement production plant is under construction which in the case of launching will not only meet a large part of the domestic demand but this strategic product can also be exported. Regarding rich natural gas resources, establishing power plants have a high level of justification. Therefore, a large-scale combined cycle power plant project is under construction by Chinese investors. In general, given the cheap energy sources, low labor costs, 20 year tax exemption, and the customs duty exemption for import of raw materials and machinery, Maku Free Zone is a highly recommended place to invest in the industrial section.

The main activities of industrial management

  • Planning and policy making for development of industrial investment in the region
  • Planning, coordinating and managing industrial towns’ affaires
  • Issuing industrial establishment and exploitation license
  • Planning, coordinating, and managing the affairs related to accepting and evaluating industrial plans
  • Guiding industrial manufacturers and investors

Industrial zones

Maku industrial zone

Maku industrial zone is located 6 Km away from Maku and occupies 33.8 hectares, 21.5 of which is industrial, 12 is non-industrial and 0.3 is occupied by service and workrooms.
All industrial and workshop areas of the zone are submitted except for some workshop land. Thirty units are active at Industrial Park 1 of Maku which almost encompass most groups of industries including metal, non-metal, cellulose, food and chemical industries. More information is provided about manufacturing units of town as followings.

  • Distance from Airport : 65 KM
  • Distance from Export Terminal : 10KM

Showt industrial zone

Showt industrial zone is located 12 Kms away from Showt (Tabriz-Bazergan Road). This area is about 901677 Sq.m. The western side of this zone is 665796, and the eastern side is 235880 and is now ready to submit to investors.

  • Distance from Airport : 7 KM
  • Distance from Export Terminal : 63KM

Light Industrial zone

This under-construction Industrial zone which is located on Maku-Bazergan ring road in an area of 550 Hectare, will be assigned to investors in the first phase. Currently 37 Hectare is ready to be delivered to investors.

  • Distance from Airport : 54 KM
  • Distance from Export Terminal : 17km

Heavy and stone Industrial zone

This heavy Industrial zone is located 10 km from the Maku-Showt Road. This industrial zone is intended for rock and heavy industry and a large cement factory is currently under construction.

  • Distance from Airport : 28KM
  • Distance from Export Terminal : 42KM