Mining potentials of Maku Free zone

decorative stone mines, Maku Free Zone has mining potentials like metal mines (Iron, Copper, Magnetite, Chromite, Barite and so on.), Rubbles, Basalt, Sand, Lime and Gypsum.
At the present time several copper, iron and magnetite mines are being explored which will be put into operation in near future. In one of the copper mines with an area of 29 square Kilometers there is a reservoir of 600,000 tons with the purity of 1.5 % (Gold and Silver have higher percentage, though.).
According to what was mentioned earlier, it can be declared that, whit the initiation of copper exploitation, Maku has the potential to become one of the dominant copper producers of the country.

Maku Free zone’s active mines

In Maku free zone also there are 45 mines in exploitation phase, 15 of which are being excavated right now and 5 are semi active. Out of those 15 active mines, 11 are Travertine and 4 are Marble. Also there are several semi-active Rubble, Gypsum and mineral cartridge mines in Maku Free zone.
Annual extraction amount of the 11 Travertine mines is over 65,000 tons and in the 4 Marble mines it's over 30,000 tons. 160 people are directly employed in these mines. These stones are mostly transported to Delijan, Isfahan, Tabriz and Khoy cities and in some cases they are exported to Arab countries and China.

Current status of Mineral limits in Maku Free Zone
Auctioned Exploitation Licenses Discovery certificates Exploration Licenses About to get exploration license Registered Limits Limit's condition
48 45 4 18 44 53 Quantity