preserving different foodstuffs through freeze-drying

General specifications of the project

Nearly 30 % of foodstuffs decay as waste. Modern methods of freezing such as IQF, which the most well-known method of freezing foodstuffs
in order to prevent them decaying, cause the waste to be decreased and preserve the texture, color, taste and nourishing value of food
products. In this method, cold air passes over the product in a freezing tunnel and takes its heat freezes it quickly. This method has many
advantages and increases the possibility to export the products because of their higher quality.
Considering the fact that West Azerbaijan and Maku Free Zone are producing agricultural and orchard products and the likes; and the importance
of higher quality and less waste involving the products, the mentioned method can be suitable in terms of exporting the products
from the region. Annual capacity of this project is 2900 tons.

Type of the project

The project deals with establishing a new economic unit.

The axis of the project

According to ISIC (2008, 4th edition) and considering the nature of the project, this project can be categorized in industrial production section
(manufacturing), producing foodstuffs part and into group activity of producing other food products (with the code of 107).

The main goal markets

The main goal markets of this national and international project, at the first
priority, are the regional states.

Job-creation rate of the project

The number of direct employees is predicted to be 18 when the project becomes operational.

Scheduling the enforcement of the project

Required time to implement the project would be two years and the period of exploitation
is estimated 15 years after completion of construction period.

Suggested type and method of investing the project

Direct investing method could be our suggestion for this project.