The main goal of the organization is attracting investors

The main goal of the organization is attracting investors
    • The main goal of the organization is attracting investors
    • Chairman and CEO of the Maku Free Zone declared that the top priority of organization is attracting investors.
    • Hossein Foroozan, the managing director, in the presence of deputies, managers and employees of Maku Free Zone at the amphitheater of organization in Bazargan in a ceremony which was held to evaluate activities of the organization during the last year, said: As a result of the efforts of managers and employees of the organization and attracting investors, revenues of organization in the first half of the year has increased threefold compared to the same period last year.
    • Referring to the allocation of 300 billion rials by this organization to the construction of Maku Free Zone airport, he added: This airport is the largest civil project in the free zone and 300 billion rials have already been spent to the construction of it.
    • Foroozan announced the completion of asphalting and said: This airport is in its final stages of asphalting and providing that the weather condition is favorable, it will be completed next month. Then Managing director of the Free Zone pointed to other important civil projects and activities such as establishment of logistic village in order to facilitate the transit and import and export of goods, widening Bazargan to Evoghli road and creating a large border market.
    • The Chairman stated that in addition to economic activities, promoting employee’s welfare is one of the policies of organization, and also he added: Training and raising the educational level of staff are the other goals and policies of the organization.
    • Hossein Foroozan by appreciating the efforts of all the staff stated: By collaboration and efforts of all colleagues, Maku free zone will progress more quickly.
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