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All revenues of Free Trade and Industrial Zones are spent inside the area

All revenues of free trade and industrial zones are spent inside the area

According to enacted rules, all revenues of free trade and industrial zones are spent inside the area.

According to public relations and international affairs of Maku free zone, Foroozan, at the conference of public committee formation and backing of national-religious ceremonies which was attended by a large number of investors and officials, said: Maku Free Zone Organization in accordance with the laws of the free zones spends all its revenues on the implementation of projects and infrastructures of this area.

Managing Director of Maku Free Zone by declaring that Maku free zone organization cannot even spend one Rial outside the region or elsewhere, added: Some rumors about spending revenues outside the free zone area is completely baseless and Maku Free Zone Organization spends all budgets and its earnings inside the region.

He announced the start of fencing at the beginning of the next year and reiterated: By the completion of the fencing, people in Maku will benefit the advantages of free zone in accordance with the law.

Mohammad Alipoor, representative of Maku, Chaldoran, Showt and Poldasht cities in the Parliament by stating that based on law the range of free zone area includes Maku, Showt and Poldasht cities, said: Free zone belongs to the whole public and its positive effects in the area are gradually visible.

The first meeting of the Public Committee in Maku was held to assist the authorities in the execution of requests of the Supreme Leader, create joy and excitement in the community and help to hold the magnificent National Religious ceremonies.

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