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Introducing Tourism Potentialities of Maku in Baku

Introducing Tourism Potentialities of Maku in Baku

Public Relations and International Affairs: Social, Cultural and Tourism Deputy of Maku free zone said: Potentialities of Maku free zone in the field of tourism were introduced at the International Exhibition of Baku. Javad Esmaiilzadeh by pointing that in Baku Tourism fair over 150 exhibitors from 44 countries had been set up, said: Maku free zone booth beside other booths from Iran attended at this fair.

He, referring to introduction of Maku free zone's tourism potentials at this fair announced the presence and visit of Azerbaijan president from Iranians' booths and declared: Maku free zone's booth was one of the most visited ones. Maku and Aras free zones and cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts organization of West and East Azerbaijan and Ardabil Provinces' booths were chosen as richest booths in content at this international fair which was held in Baku.

In this exhibition that was held by the presence of countries from all over the world such as Argentina, India, Turkey, Georgia, Malaysia and Vietnam on 2 to 4 April, Maku Free Zone's booth in order to introduce the zone distributed more than 500 advertising and tourism packages in the exhibition.

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