Free touring for the first time in Iran in Maku Free Zone

Free touring for the first time in Maku Free Zone

To introduce more potentials of the region, Maku free zone organization offered free touring in the cities of Maku free zone for the first time in Iran.

Public Relations and International Affairs: In line with New Year plans campaign, free touring for local and foreign travelers was held by cooperation of Social, Cultural and Tourism Deputy and Public Relations and International Affairs of Maku free zone organization.

In this free touring that embraced many families, visitors and tourists during the New Year, many passengers visited touristic sights of historical castle of Maku, Cheshmeh Soreyya, Touristic camp of Aras, Farhad's home, Baghcheh Joog Palace, Touristic villages of Rend and Gareh Khach and Border markets of Maku and Poldasht. Travelers honoring free touring plan also called for more attention to historical buildings of the area which are used to attract tourists by Maku free zone organization. Even some passengers insisted that they will revisit after Norooz to find out more about investment opportunities in this area.

This free touring welcomed spring guests during 19 March to 3April from the early hours in the morning until sunset using 20 vans.

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