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Iran’s free zones ready to attract foreign investments

Iran’s free zones ready to attract foreign investments

Public Relations and International Affairs: The Secretary of the High Council for Iran’s Free and Especial Economic Zones, Akbar Turkan, has said that the stage has been set in these zones to attract foreign investments.

According to IRIB World Service, he said today (Saturday) that the free zones, via attraction of the first wave of investors make it possible for them to tap into other investment domains in Iran, which will in turn lead to reinforcement, development, and promotion of Iran’s economy.

Turning to the publication of a nuclear statement between Iran and 5+1 Group member states, Turkan pointed out that the recent success of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team proves that via prudence and wisdom one can succeed and achieve a final result.

Currently, there are seven free trade and industrial zones in Iran.

One of the strategies of the Iranian government is to boost the number of these free zones, in line with the capacities of each zone, in order to expand economic and commercial exchanges with neighboring and regional countries.

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