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Chinese investors to invest in Maku Free Zone

Chinese investors to invest in Maku Free Zone

Public Relations and International Affairs:  Maku free zone's development memorandum of understanding was signed with a Chinese international holding.

Mahmood Abdi, economic and investment deputy of Maku Free Zone Organization, said: According to this agreement this cooperation will include investments on construction of industrial machinery production units, information and technology exchange, construction of factories producing auto parts, conducting infrastructural projects in the transportation, road, rail and air sections, building hotels and touristic, recreational and commercial complexes, establishing engineering institutes focused on technical and engineering sciences, construction of small power plants to provide power for industrial and residential towns, investment in the field of mining and producing mineral products such as magnesium, copper and iron and exportation of  produced products.

Referring to commitments of the organization against the Chinese company he said: Maku Free Zone Organization will provide facilities such as land, electricity and energy to Chinese investors.

Economic and investment deputy of Maku Free Zone Organization emphasized that this international company will start its plans with an initial investment of 50 million dollars and in the early stages will create more than 500 direct job opportunities.

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