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Foreign investor to construct a power plant in Maku Free Zone

Foreign investor to construct a power plant in Maku Free Zone

Public Relations and International Affairs: Based on an agreement signed between Maku Free Zone Organization and a foreign company a 1,600-megawatt power plant will be constructed within four phases in Maku free zone. This plant in the first two phases will produce 500 MWs electricity which will be consumed by industrial units of Maku free zone. This great industrial project which will be constructed by a foreign company will have a capital amount to1600 $ that will be realized at the fourth phase.

At the signed agreement the foreign company has committed to complete the construction of the power plant in four phases. On completion of this project 15 thousand job vacancies will be provided.

Hossein Foroozan, CEO of Maku Free Zone Organizatin, at the end of the event said: Construction of this industrial project and completion of construction of Maku airport will become a milestone for the development of the region. Domestic and foreign investors can be attracted easily that will cause huge job vacancies for the local community and economic and industrial prosperity in the province and the country.

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