Saadat: Airport Construction in Maku is Promising

Saadat: Airport Construction in Maku is Promising

Public Relations and International Affairs: The governor of West Azerbaijan attended in a meeting on Maku airport issues and expressed his satisfaction on the progress of the project.

Gorbanali Saadat, the governor, Hossein Frouzan, CEO of Maku free zone, and Mohammad Alipoor, representative of Maku in the parliament, participated in this meeting and have been informed about the process of airport construction and project contractors raised their own problems to surmount the barriers.

In this meeting, project consultant presented a report on the progress of this project and explained the factors related to delays or developments in different parts of the airport. The governor of West Azerbaijan and board member of Maku Free Zone declared that the construction of Maku airport is promising and called for removal of barriers by main contractor. It is worth noting that Maku airport is one of the main factors of development in Maku free zone which is scheduled to be delivered to Civil Aviation Authority this summer.

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