Maku Free Zone Investment Opportunities were Introduced in Frankfurt, Germany

Maku Free Zone Investment Opportunities were Introduced in Frankfurt, Germany

Public Relations and International Affairs: Maku Free Zone Organization in order to introduce the potentials and investment opportunities of the zone attended in Investment Opportunities Conference in Iran's free zones on 13 May in Frankfurt, Germany.

Rajabzadeh, deputy of development and management, introduced Maku free zone, its particular geographical position, unique features and advantages of it such as being located in East-West corridor, being a gateway to Europe and having borders with both Turkey and Azerbaijan.

He added: Maku free zone holds top features for investment in a variety of fields such as business and transportation.

Abdi, economic and investment deputy of organization, said: Since one of the basic strategies of the free zones is to attract foreign investment and consequently the transfer of knowledge and technology to the country, holding such conferences can be a good opportunity to achieve these objectives.

He added: In this conference important information in the form of CD containing investment opportunities, video files, investment laws in free zones, maps and photographs were presented to German investors.

At the beginning of the conference, Tokas, a member of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg office welcomed the representatives of the free zones and said the main aim of the conference is to introduce investment potentials to foreign investors to invest in Iran's free zones.

He also said:Not only does this conference  aim to encourage German companies to invest in Iran but also companies from Europe will invest in Iran especially in free zones. Then representatives of each of the areas gave brief description of the characteristics and properties of each of their own areas.

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