Armenians' Olympic torch was lit at Black Church in Chaldoran

Armenians' Olympic torch was lit in Black Church in Chaldoran

In a ceremony which was attended by the Armenian Caliphate of Tehran and Azerbaijan, as well as a delegation from the Armenian Ministry of Sport, with the hope of peace for the world, Armenian's Olympic torch lit in Black Church and was delivered to Armenian Ministry of Sport's envoy.

In this regard, an Armenian Olympic Organizing Committee member, Haroot Tahmaziyan, said: Armenian Olympic Games will be hosted by Armenia in Yerevan from 2 to 13 August.

He added: More than 6 thousand people will participate in the competition and 500 Iranian Armenian athletes will participate in this event.

The tournament is held every four years and this will be the fourth time since 1999.

 Black Church is dating back to ancient times and is located in northern city of West Azerbaijan in Chaldoran in the vicinity of Maku free trade zone. Every year in early August special ceremony is held at the church and Armenians from all over the world gather in Chaldoran to hold the ceremony.

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