The Latest Reports from Maku Airport

Flight will happen at Maku airport in the near future

Control tower and passenger terminal of Maku Airport are at the end stages of their construction and flights will be started this year in this airport.

Establishment of Maku airport was started in 1991 and currently control tower and passenger terminal is under construction.

Earlier, construction of the airport was halted due to some issues but regarding the establishment of Maku free zone organization in this area and the needs of people to launch international flights, Maku free zone organization has decided to pursuit its construction.

Now five different sections of the airport including flight section, roof structure of terminal, control tower, technical building and terminal building are under construction.  According to the latest reports second layer of asphalt on flight band has been completed.

The band was supposed to fit Fokker 100 aircraft to take off and land, but based on the needs of Maku free zone it is redesigned for Airbus A320.

Airport control tower has a height of 33 meters and two-story steel structure with 75 and 80 square meters, and its construction dates back to 2014. All operations of concrete placement of the tower and steel structure of floors has been finished and joinery works has begun.

The construction of the roof structure of terminal that includes the deployment of 70 columns in various dimensions, roof structure texture in an area of 700 square meters has also started in 2014.

Regarding this accounts it can be predicted that flight test will be held this year in this airport and then Maku free zone can use its advantages.

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