CEO of Maku Free Zone Announced: Maku to Host Cliff Climbing in Nature

CEO of Maku Free Zone Announced: Maku to Host Cliff Climbing in Nature

With the aim of creating vitality and happiness in the region, national festival of rock climbing will be held in nature on the biggest rocky cliff of the world (Maku's  Qayeh) in September this year.

Hossein Froozan, CEO of Maku Free Zone, in a joint meeting with the Director General of Sports and Health of High Council Secretariat of Free Zones, and vice president of mountaineering federation, by discussing the sport problems of the region, said: One of the major tourist attractions of Maku is soaring mountains which is unique in the world and Maku free zone organization is aimed to pave the way for fostering sporting heroes in the zone.

Froozan also commented: Considering unique curvature of Qayeh mountain in Maku, organization is studying on establishing national parks and lighting and is lobbying to build a hotel which will add to the beauties of mountain and will attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Chairman of the Maku Free Zone enumerating the advantages of Maku such as proximity to two airports in Nakhchevan and Turkey said: Regarding athletic talent of young people in Maku, it should return to its heyday and we will do our most effort.

He noted: The organization intends to prepare an integrated and systematic plans in the field of sport in terms of quantity and quality to reach the desired point.

At the end Froozan announced that national festival of cliff climbing in nature will be held on the greatest stone cliff in Maku in September this year.

 Mansooreh Gorji, vice president of mountaineering federation, in this meeting commented: Thanks to high potential of Qayeh mountain, Maku is known as cliff climbing hub of the country and we try to record a festival in world federation calendar.

She said: Welfare and service infrastructure will be provided in Qayeh mountain and this will attract tourists and will cause stable employment.

Gorji said: With the aid and support of Maku Free Zone Organization, the first national cliff climbing festival will be held in Maku free zone and in the case of having the necessary infrastructure; it will be converted to national and international festival in a year.

She added: In this festival, training programs, practicing and the opening the route will be operationalized.

Training local experts is among other plans and common goals of Maku free zone organization and mountaineering federation, she declared. 

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