Approval of 14 new investment projects in Maku Free Zone

Approval of 14 new investment projects in Maku Free Zone

In the eighteenth session of the Investment Commission in the presence of CEO of Maku Free Zone Organization, the implementation of 14 new investment projects was approved.

According to Public Relations and International Affairs, in the eighteenth meeting of the Investment Commission which was held in the office of the CEO, after reviewing 20 different investment projects in the fields of agriculture, industry and services the members agreed with 14 projects.  Approved projects are in the industrial design form such as food production, electric and electronic appliances, as well as the multi-purpose terminal in which more than 631 billion Rials will be invested and will create 239 job opportunities.

Jalili, Investment Manager of Mako Free Zone Organization, announcing that 54 projects have been approved in this zone, said: Everyday several investment projects are offered to organization and experts in the field choose projects that are economically feasible  in order to attract real investors.

According to this report, by the approval of 14 new investment projects, the number of approved projects is amounted to 68 projects that will create jobs for more than a thousand.

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