Trade Relations between Maku Free Zone and Azerbaijan Republic, Nakhchivan Expands

Trade Relations between Maku Free Zone and Azerbaijan Republic, Nakhchivan Expands
A joint business meeting was held with the presence of Iran’s ICT Minister, Mahmoud Vaezi, and Azerbaijan’s Economy and Industries Minister, Shahin Mustafayev, and Maku Free Zone Organization’s CEO, Hossein Frooz...

According to Public Relations and International Affairs of Maku Free Zone Organization, Mahmoud Vaezi stated that a closer tie will be established between Maku Free Zone in Iran, Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan, and impressive strides will be taken to increase trade, banking and tourism cooperation between the two neighboring countries.

He added: Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan reached the final agreement to issue visa at the borders and the agreement will be executed in the near future and this mutual agreement will benefit the inhabitants of neighboring cities in these countries.

The Economy and Industries Minister of Azerbaijan in the joint trade conference of Islamic Republic of Iran and Azerbaijan Republic said: Iran is a powerful country and is invaluable for us and the two countries aim to boost trade relations.

By referring to fulfillment of 500 million dollars trade exchange between the two countries, he added: This aim was realized by the cooperation of the two sides and is a sign of serious determination of the two sides to expand trade relations.

He continued: Many economical relations can be established between traders and investors of West Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Republic and such gatherings are effective in facilitating to establish these relationships.   

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