Happy New Year Message

Happy New Year Message
Froozan, CEO of Maku Free Zone Organization, announced a Happy New Year message

As the Chief Executive Officer of Maku Free Zone Organization, I am delighted to join all other officials in wishing a happy, healthy, and prosperous Nowruz to all our friends around the world, especially to You and Yours. We, as Iranians, celebrate and rejoice along with all those from the Central Asia to the Caucasus to many communities around the world, the arrival of spring and a new year.

Nowruz is a time of renewal and reconciliation – a chance for families to celebrate their heritage and culture; reflect on the past twelve months; and look forward to the year ahead. For the people around the world, we hope this Nowruz will prove the start of a better future, defined by greater opportunity at home. Every New Year, and every spring should commence in hope. It is in that spirit that we embrace this day knowing that friendship between our nations remains a goal well worth pursuing.

It is an honor and privilege to invite you to pay a visit to Maku Free Zone, the largest free zone in Iran, that holds a lot of spectacular touristic attractions, pristine nature and monuments in itself, on the arrival of Nowruz or any other occasion you prefer.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Maku free zone. 

    Hossein Forouzan


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