Managers of Maku Free Zone Organization Meet Turkish Economic Activists

Managers of Maku Free Zone Organization Meet Turkish Economic Activists
A joint meeting was held between managers of Maku free zone organization and Turkish entrepreneurs.

Iran's ambassador to Turkey, Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian Fard, at the meeting in Turkey, referring to the need for investors to visit Maku free trade and industrial zone’s capacities, said: The relations between Iran and Turkey are on a high level and we are ready to cooperate more and deeper in the current condition in the economic, commercial and investment spheres.

Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian Fard said: Iran intends to meet its economic and industrial needs by attracting $ 200 billion of foreign capital through the private sector, by giving priority to neighboring countries, as bilateral cooperation brings about interests of the two sides.

He also referred to Iranian economic capabilities exhibition in Istanbul which will be held in a month and a half, and called for the presence of Turkish economic activists and investors and producers in the exhibition.

Hossein Forouzan, Managing Director of Maku  Free Zone, by introducing the capacities of the region for domestic and foreign investment at the meeting announced that: Maku Free Zone is considered the youngest and closest region to Turkey, and has a high capacity for joint cooperation in the field of investment and implementation of economic and production projects.

Referring to the provision and preparation of investment infrastructure in Maku Free Zone during the past three years, he added: Investing in this free zone is subject to a 20-year tax exemption and duty-free machinery entry.

He demanded for the investment of Turkish merchants, businessmen and economic activists in the textile and apparel industry in the region, saying that: The cost of textiles in this area will be lower due to cheap labor and energy, and in addition, the production of the product can be a source for re-export to other countries of the region.

He stated: Iran will provide the necessary guarantee and security for any foreign investment through the Central Bank in Maku Free Zone.

He added: Currently, 220,000 people are living in Maku Free Zone as the largest free zone in Iran, and regarding high number of educated people, there is no problem in providing human resources and other requirements for foreign investment units in the region.

Referring to the active participation of 90 manufacturing units in Maku Free Zone, he also announced the investment of 10 Turkish companies in the region and called for more economic activists to invest in this zone.

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