Trade Transactions Boosts between Maku Free Zone and Spain

Trade Transactions Boosts between Maku Free Zone and Spain

In a meeting, Spanish Embassy's Trade Commissioner and Deputy of Development and International Trade of Maku Free Zone Organization, considering the significant growth of bilateral trade relations between the two countries during post-sanctions era, inquired more and more trade and economic exchanges regarding capabilities of both sides.

According to public relations and international affairs of Maku free zone organization, Nasser Saber, deputy of international trade and development, referring to the investment opportunities and economic incentives of Maku Free Zone announced that Maku free zone plays a central role in trade with neighboring countries and Europe.

He added: Given the capacities in tourism, stone and greenhouse industry in Spain, strengthening bilateral cooperation could be beneficial for both countries.

Emphasizing that policy of Maku free zone is creating a framework to accelerate the process of establishing ties between Spanish and regional companies, said: In the fields of finance, investment and export, extensive cooperation between Maku free zone and Spanish businessmen and investors must be established.

The Spanish Trade Commissioner also expressed his satisfaction with the incomparable potentials of Maku Free Zone and said: There are many Spanish tourism companies that are interested in attendance in free zones.

Carlos Aguilar announced the interest of several Spanish crop companies to invest in Iran and stated: Spanish companies, with the support and guidance of the Spanish government, are well aware of Iran's market capacity and have experience of work in this country.

Carlos expressed his interest in visiting Maku Free Zone, and added: A delegation of Spanish merchants will visit Maku Free Zone in the near future, and this economic presence will be based on long-standing and good political relations between the two countries.

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