Completion of Production Chains as a Development Strategy in Maku Free Zone

Completion of Production Chains as a Development Strategy in Maku Free Zone

Managing director of Maku Free Zone Organization, Gholamreza Soleimani referring to the studies of the Think Tank on the development of the free zone, mentioned the completion of the production chains as a strategy for the development of the free zone, added: If we are to seek regional development, then the production chain should be formed and the completion of this chain is the key to the development of Maku Free Zone.

Soleimani, referring to the fact that, thanks to the Islamic Republic system and the efforts of the officials in Free Zone Organization, by 2022 no villages will be without drinkable water in Maku Free Zone, said: Creating employment using nomadic capacities such as providing rural employment facilities, ecotourism, and supporting handicrafts is an approach that will soon bear fruit.

Managing Director of Maku Free Zone Organization said due to the provision of appropriate greenhouse cropping facilities by the government, preliminary studies and agreements have been made for this purpose. Also, 20,000 hectares of land will be used in Karamabad Agricultural Development Projects.

Gholamreza Soleimani continued: exploitation of Karamabad dam and implementation of new irrigation projects along the dam is a major development in the country and its affiliated industries in Maku free zone and consequently, in West Azarbaijan.

He added that value added production chains in Maku Free Zone in the fields of logistics, red and white meat, textiles, clothing, carpets and handcrafts, fishery (lobster, shrimp, carp and trout), ferroalloys and metallic silicon, medicinal herbs, minerals, decorative and precious stones, magnesium, petrochemicals, tourism, dairy (traditional and industrial), and honey have been identified and based on the agreement with Ministry of Agriculture, Maku free zone will become the import hub of livestock, red meat and livestock feed.

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