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Created Employment in Maku Free Zone is 2.3 Times more than the Target

Created Employment in Maku Free Zone is 2.3 Times more than the Target

Managing director of Maku Free Zone Organization, Gholamreza Soleimani, on a TV interview said: the number of jobs created in the zone is 5,300 while the target was 2,300 this year, indicating doubling of job vacancies.

He added: Great steps have been taken in the direction of the comprehensive development of this zone, which has provided a platform for improving its indicators.

Referring to the fact that the zone has been formed since 1392, he said: so far, more than four thousand and 500 billion Rials have been spent on the infrastructure of this zone. Managing director of  Maku Free Zone Organization continued: construction and launching of an airport, construction of 200 km of roads, building schools, equipping hospitals, improving water supply, are among the taken measures in the zone.

Soleimani, pointing out that the development plan for improving the condition of the zone has been prepared, said: making smart zone, green development, participation of the local community in development, and transformation of Maku into the European and Asian linkage are among the most important parts of the program.

Establishing the Jolfa - Maku - Soraya Fountains Railways, the creation of a marketing campaign, two sites of eco-tourism, the start of  executive operation of two five-star hotels and launching a technology center with 18 offices for the startups are among other development programs in the zone.

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