Tourist Attractions

Cheshmeh Soreyya

Cheshmeh Soreyya’s pond is made up of 2 thousand springs that boil out of the ground in Iran and Turkey’s borderline. This pond belongs to Iran, and at the heart of Boralan bestows a fascinating beauty to this area. This pond provides water for canebrakes on its way to Aras river and is one of the most important water sources for this river. This pond welcomes many migrating birds in every winter and in terms of safety and environmental protection, it is a safe place for migratory birds. Many animals such as boar, beaver, otter, cold-water fish, fox, duck, goose, heron, crane, stork and the swallows have chosen this place to live.

Baghcheh Joog Palace

This Palace was made on the order of commander of Maku (Iqbal Alsaltaneh) in 1893. The construction of this building began under the supervision of two Iranian and Russian architects and as a result a combination of Qajarian and Russian architecture can be seen in this building. The building is situated in a 11-hectare garden which endows a fascinating landscape to the area.

Gareh Khach Countryside

This village is located in the south of the city of Maku and at an altitude of 500 meters above the city level. Because of having countryside, it is cool in summer and cold in winter, and is one of the best resorts in Maku Free Zone. Having pastures, meadows and springs of water and also overlooking the mountains of Ararat, this village is considered as a touristic destination.


Maku, the largest city in Maku free zone, has a population of 55 thousand. It has 14 kilometers length and due to lying between two mountains of Sabad and Gayeh, its width varies from 200 to 1500 meters. Because of the wall of Gayeh mountain at the north of the city, Maku has a particular charm and beauty and attracts the newcomers attention for a long time. Maku is composed of traditional and modern sections, traditional section is located in downtown and East side and modern section is in the West side. The height of Stone wall at the north of the city ranges from 80 to 400 meters and it surrounds the city. It has one of the world's largest curved stone cliffs.

Su Daresi - Rend Valley

Su Daresi which is mostly called Rend Valley is located in the north of Maku and along Rend village. Danalu village is seen at a distance of 7 kilometers from this village. Having a river full of water, fields and huge cliffs has made this place a fascinating resort with pleasurable climate.

Local Food

Maku free zone, thanks to having a rich variety of herbs, foods and vegetables has also a special food collection. A variety of hot drinks are made of medicinal herbs and different kinds of foods, soups are traditionally cooked in the region. The mild climate causes the growth of hundreds of medicinal and edible plants which can be seen in local traditional dishes.

Underground Tunnels of Castle in Maku

Castle of Maku like other castles and historical buildings used underground tunnels which are made under this castle to transfer goods and foods.

Boralan Plain

Boralan plain is one of the most beautiful plains of West Azerbaijan and Iran. This plain ends in Aras border river to the north which is located between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, and Soraya spring leads this plain to Turkey and ends to the foothills of the mountains of Ararat at west. Having flowing sands, Boralan plain has a particular beauty. Holding Soraya springs in itself that makes a marshland of the same name in the area, as well as flowing sand have doubled beauty of this area.

Aras Lake

This lake which in fact is the water behind the Aras Dam is situated in the borderline of Islamic Republic of Iran and Nakhchivan Republic. The lake holds more than one billion and 200 million cubic meters of water and having a sandy beach, and woodland at the sides makes it one of the most beautiful beaches of the lake in northwest Iran. In autumn and winter Aras Dam is inhabitance for birds that migrate from northern Europe and Siberia to this place. Camping resort of Aras is located near this lake.

Tooryan Countryside Village

The newly built villas in this village bestow beautiful sceneries to this area. Tooryan village with traditional buildings exhibits special beauty. Here is the first place that the snow sits on the ground and is the last it disappears. Tooryan has very pleasant mineral springs that spring up in different parts of the area. This village is located in the countryside of Haj Ali.

Border Market of Maku

This shopping center contains 700 stores that is located in Maku free zone. Thanks to the variety of goods such as clothes, shoes, leather products, food stuff, household appliances and sanitary products, every newcomer to the zone will certainly stop by at this market. The reasonable price and high quality of offered products which are mainly well known brands makes shoppers pleased.


Nomads are part of traditional life in the zone and their summer and winter migration attracts many tourists who want to experience nomadic life. All of the used foods by nomads are organic and mainly are their own products which attract many people. Black Tents and “Saj Gavurmasi” are major symbols of nomads and are one of the varieties of zone for anthropological tourists. Nomad’s families migrate to downhill of Ararat in the early spring and prepare themselves to move to dozen countrysides of Maku free zone and Chaldoran and inhabit there till the end of summer. Wool, meat and dairies are among the nomads’ products.

Religious Ceremonies

Islam is the major religion of Maku free zone and has both Shiite and Sunni but the majority is Shiite. Every year in Muharram and Safar months, mourning ceremonies are held and Sunni people also show great respect to these ceremonies and they do not hold any wedding celebrities in in these days. Other religious ceremonies such as Ramadan, Gorban, Eid al-Fitr and the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are held commonly with Shiites and Sunnis.

Bazergan Customs

Bazergan customs as one of the biggest land customs of the country transfers thousands of small and long vehicles and passengers every year between Iran and Europe. Bazergan customs is the entry and exit point of goods and passengers from Europe and Turkey to Iran, Central Asian countries and Azerbaijan, and vice versa.

Ararat Mountains

These twin mountains are located in the borderline of Iran and Turkey. Although both mountains belong to Turkey the eastern slopes are in Iran. It is noteworthy that the best view and landscape of them is from Iran and their beauties are better seen from Iran than Turkey or Armenia. Ararat mountains are locally called “Aghri” and according to ancient religious texts it is the landing place of Noah’s ark.

Ancient City of Dambat

Because of lying on the slopes of small Ararat this area is endowed with special beauty. Thanks to having volcanic rocks, residents of the area in the past centuries, have used them for building houses. This area that once was one of the largest nomadic areas of Aras, is located on the borderline of Iran and Turkey.

Ararat Mountains

These twin mountains are located in the borderline of Iran and Turkey. Although both mountains belong to Turkey the eastern slopes are in Iran. It is noteworthy that the best view and landscape of them is from Iran and their beauties are better seen from Iran than Turkey or Armenia. Ararat mountains are locally called “Aghri” and according to ancient religious texts it is the landing place of Noah’s ark.

Maku’s Castle

Maku’s castle is the most beautiful and at the same time the most horrifying place that man can live in. Because of frightening nature the enemies couldn’t reach and dominate this place and its inhabitants could live in peace and quiet. In ancient texts the name of Maku’s castle has frequently mentioned. Nine hundred years ago, Teymoor Lang on his way to fight with Bayaezid Ottomans surrounded this castle and couldn’t defeat them and this can be a good sign of the castle’s strength. Maku’s castle is situated at the north of Maku and Gayeh mount covers it like an umbrella which makes the assault of the enemy into the castle in large parts impossible. This castle due to its particular situation attracts a lot of foreign and local tourists. Three Armenian and Persian inscriptions glare on the stone body of the castle.

Villages of Maku free zone

The majority of villages in the region adhere to their own traditions and lifestyle and houses are also traditional. Some villages that are close to urban areas are influenced by modern architecture of the city but most of the villages regarding traditional lifestyle of them are health and village touring destinations.

Woodlands of Aras Banks

Trees can be seen in the banks of Aras which include different kinds of jungle trees. These trees cover an area of about 500 meters at the sides of river. Boar, rabbits, rodents and various birds live in this place.

Zangmar(Zangbar) River

This very beautiful river with basaltic volcanic substrate is extended along the South West to East of Maku Free Zone. This permanently flowing river originates from Chalderan’s countryside in south of Maku and after 150 kilometers it joins Aras river. Because of its stone substrate its depth ranges from 3 to 30 meters. Zangbar is a great place for sailing in rough waters.

Local Games

Traditionally local games were indispensable part of rural areas customs. Some local games that have been played in Maku free zone and are currently restored include: Geyish Geyish, Holu Gayde, Khastakin, Haft Sang, Horse Riding and Shooting.

Basaltic Prisms of Maku

Prismatic columns of basalt in Maku are one of the rare instances in the world that were resulted from solidification of volcanic lava in the third geological period. Deeper prisms are usually more regular than top raw prisms.

Volcanic Flows

The volcanic flows that are very rare and are unique in Iran, have emerged as a result of freezing of the fast-moving lava from Ararat volcano. Due to cold weather flowing lavas from Ararat were quickly frozen and created beautiful flows. They can be found in different parts of Boralan in Maku free zone.

Flying Sports

Having lots of heights, Maku free zone has special potential for flying sports. Lovers of these adventure sports consider Maku free zone mountains as the heart of practicing glider, paraglide, kite, motor glider and other flying vehicles. Because of being in the boundary area, Maku free zone is the best place to develop international station for flying sports.

Kolah Farangi Building

Kolah Farangi Building is among the tourist attractions of Maku free zone. This historical building is one of the many ancient and big buildings of Maku which was owned by Aligoli Khan Bayat. The construction of this building dates back to late Qajar period and no manipulation has been conducted on the building up to now. The building was built on two floors and the roof is covered by gables and the design is octagonal. Each floor has a balcony with 20 wooden pillars. Inside the building in terms of architectural style, especially with nature-inspired decorative moldings and mirroring is a very valuable, worthwhile and interesting work.
Decorative moldings, fascinating mirror works and colorful sashes’ glasses evoke Golestan Palace’s mirror room. The two floors are the same but in terms of decorative and paintings on the walls they are different. This building has also being used as s hospital for a while.

Spa in Showt

Because of lying beside Ararat, Maku free zone holds several spa and mineral water springs in itself. Showt’s spa is located in Showt. This spa springs out, on top of a limestone hill and is driven into an outdoor swimming pool. Local people believe that the water of this spring is very helpful in curing rheumatic diseases and arthritis.

Rocky Wall of Maku

This huge rocky wall which is about 7 kilometers long and 150 to 600 meters tall, surrounds Maku on the north side and has created a horrible but very attractive landscape. Maku’s rocky wall places the biggest cliff curve with 40 degrees negative slope in itself and is seen like an umbrella above the city. This wall is the best place for cliff climbing and has always challenged the cliff climbers. Having tall mountains and huge stone cliffs, Maku free zone is a very suitable place for mountain and cliff climbing.