Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries


Having several pumping stations, including Shibloo, Ghanbarkandi, Karamabad and Dasht-e Zeidun pumping stations, which have covered a large area of land and farms in the region by pumping water from the Aras River.

  • Water Investment Capacity:

Existence of arable and garden lands, holding high number of rivers and dams in the region has provided investment opportunities in agriculture, aquaculture and fish farming. It should be noted that the required studies in this regard have been carried out by the General Directorate of Fisheries of West Azerbaijan Province.  The presence of prawns and hunting several tons of it in the Aras River and exporting it is another investment capacity of the region.

  • Garden and Agricultural Lands:

The area of irrigable lands in the region is 61204 hectares and rainfed lands is 36532 hectares, which is cultivated every year with various crops and orchards, and can play a significant role in increasing the level of production in the region by implementing new cultivation and irrigation methods.

Greenhouse cultivation and construction of greenhouse units is another capacity of this region.

  •  Livestock and Poultry Capacity:

Considering the existence of various livestock farms in the region, it is possible to build large and industrial livestock farms, establish milk collecting centers and dairy factories and ancillary industries.

Due to the existence of green pastures, the development of beekeeping is another important investment capacity that can be developed by encouraging investors to establish honey packaging centers and related industries in the region.

In the poultry breeding sector, this region has over 60 broiler breeding units and the existence of egg laying units provides a suitable platform for the development of this industry.

  • Natural Resources Department:

Maku Free Zone’s area is 380,000 hectares and the area of agricultural lands is 98,000 hectares. The number of exploiters is 19,302, of which 7,162 hectares is in Maku, 5374 is in Showt and 6766 is in Poldasht. Existence of natural landscapes, rural exploiters and nomads with their own customs and traditions and handicrafts can play an important role in the development of ecotourism and tourism industry.