• Five-Star Hotel of Mavi:

Applicant: Yahya Mohammadi

Investment volume: 3,149,000

Physical progress: 75%


  • Azarmal Residential, Recreational and Commercial Multi-Purpose Complex:

Applicant: Gholamreza Dolkhani

Investment volume: 8,000,000

Physical progress: 35%


  • Nogla 4-Star Hotel:

Applicant: Taghi Ali Akbarzadeh

Investment volume: 1,000,000

Physical progress: 82%


  • Recreation and Tourism Complex (Karting and Buggy):

Applicant: Aydin Hosseinnejad

Investment volume: 1,200,000

Physical progress: 21%


  • Sam Tourism, Recreation, Tourist Complex (Ski Slope, Cable Car, Hotel):

Applicant: Masoud Ghahramanlou

Investment volume: 1,714,000

Physical progress: 10%


  • Poldasht Three-Star Hotel:

Applicant: Ali Akbar Ali Akbari

Investment volume: 250,000

Physical progress: 70%


  • Zipline and Promenade Complex:

Applicant: Omran Bagherzadeh

Investment volume: 100,000

Physical progress: 35%